Ducati Solace Case Cover iPhone 5/5s Handy Hülle schwarz rot

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Ducati Solace Handyhülle für iPhone 5/5s in schwarz rot Elementcase

Das ultraschlanke Solace Hülle für das iPhone® 5 / 5S Apple, für Ducati erstellt von Element-Case, garantiert eine sichere, bequeme Handhabung dank seiner Polycarbonat-Konstruktion und "soft touch" Oberfläche.
Die oberen und unteren sowie die seitlichen Tasten sind aus Aluminium gefertigt, um sowohl Festigkeit und Leichtigkeit bereitzustellen.

Im Lieferumfang enthalten eine zusätzliche Tasche für das iPhone.

The ultra-slim Solace case for the iPhone® 5/5S, created by Element Case for Ducati, guarantees a safe, comfortable grip thanks to its polycarbonate construction and "soft touch" finish.
The top and bottom, as well as the side buttons, are made of aluminium to provide both strength and lightness.
It also comes with the Soft-Tech Ducati Quick Draw case, which features a non-slip coating to ensure a firm grip.
NOTE: the port on the bottom of the case was created to accommodate the original connector included with the iPhone® 5/5S, other accessories might not be compatible.
The mobile device is not included. It is used in the photos only for demonstration. In the scope of delivery is included a bag for the iPhone 5/ 5s.

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