Ducati Corse Nolan Speed Evo V2 full-face helmet

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Ducati Corse Nolan Speed Evo V2 full-face helmet - new 
Full-face helmet from Ducati Corse Nolan in black white and red 


Speed Evo V2, a full-face helmet produced by Nolan with graphics by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati, is dedicated to the Ducatista who loves the thrill of sporty riding without sacrificing comfort. The durable and lightweight Ultra Carbon outer shell has a high carbon content and is designed in 4 sizes. The lining, on the other hand, features LAF technology, Liner Adjustable Fitting, which allows the inner padding to be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the head, maximizing comfort. The visor is equipped with Safety Visor Lock so that it stays firmly in place, preventing the risk of accidental opening at high speeds. The helmet is equipped with the Emergency Release System (NERS), which allows the helmet to be removed quickly and safely, and an effective ventilation system, which creates efficient airflow inside the helmet. Ventilation is optimized by Racing Air Flow (RAF) technology, which maintains an ideal temperature for maximum concentration even at high speeds. To complete the technical equipment, the RAS spoiler, which ensures optimal performance on the track thanks to its shape designed to maximize aerodynamics. Speed Evo V2 is prepared for camel back installation and is available in two color versions. Black and white, coupled with the unmistakable Ducati red and the striking use of the Ducati Corse branding, enhance the sporty look, making this helmet the top of the line not only in terms of performance and comfort, but also in style and character.


Ultra Carbon external Shell with high carbon contentExternal shell in four sizes
Detachable, washable hypoallergenic inner liningThe LAF - Il Liner Adjustable Fitting allows the inner padding to be perfectly adapted to the shape of the head to provide maximum comfort.Carbon Fitting internal padding. It is made from active carbon filaments with thermoregulating, anti-static and dissipative actions. The cap features an innovative mesh design, which increases the amount of air circulating around the top of the head, keeping it cool and dry.Eyewear Adaptive. Designed for those who wear glasses, provides space in the cheek pads for eyeglass temples
Wider visor for a perfect peripheral vision. The wider visor aperture gives better visibility on bendsSafety Visor Lock system: this feature ensures that the visor remains firmly in place, preventing accidental opening when riding at high speeds.Pinlock® fog-resistant inner visor. Thanks to the exclusive patented adjusting system, the stretch of the Pinlock® inner visor can be adjusted, acting from the exterior of the visor, without the necessity for dismantling.
FFS (Free Flow System). Creates airflow under the helmet that reduces wind noise and turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot airNERS (Nolan Emergency Release System), can be removed quickly and safely in emergency situations.RAF (Racing Air Flow) optimizes ventilation, ensuring a comfortable temperature for maximum concentration even at high speeds.RAS: The Racetrack aerodynamic spoiler improves aerodynamic efficiency, allowing for optimal helmet performance on the track. Its shape is designed to maximize aerodynamics.Configured for camel back installation
Linea Prodotto:
FiberComposite fibres
The helmet is supplied with clear and light smoke visors. NOLAN reference model: X-804 RS The helmet is provided with pinlock

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